1.4MW Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler for Hotel

Mode:       WNS gas fired hot water boiler
Capacity:          1.4MW
Application:           Heating for hotel

In May, 2015, we signed a contract with a hotel about the WNS1.4-1.25/85/65-Q, two sets of gas fired hot water boilers. The 1.4MW hot water boilers are horizontal three return fire tube boiler, for hotel hot water supplying in baths, swimming pool, kitchen, laundry, etc.

Fire tube gas fired hot water boiler

Rated thermal power: 1.4MW
Rated water pressure 1.25MPa
Rated outlet water temperature: 85℃
Rated inlet water temperature: 65℃
Design exhaust gas temperature: 153.4 ℃
Design fuel: natural gas
Design efficiency: 92.04%

Hotel natural gas fired hot water boiler structure

The natural gas boiler smoke tubes are arranged symmetrically about the next set of internal furnace structure. Flame in the furnace of bile radiation exothermic temperature flue gas in turn scour the second, third and back-haul smoke tube, then after the smoke chamber into the atmosphere through the chimney, the smoke box around the boiler are equipped with active smoke box door to facilitate internal inspection and clean-up .
The gas fired boiler for hotel is equipped with automated control Germany Weishawpt burner, and our fire tube hot water boiler is condensing gas fired boiler. It is high efficiency and energy saving.

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