10 Ton Natural Gas Boiler Thailand

Mode:      SZS gas fired boiler
Capacity:            10 tons
Application:               Tire processing

One Thailand company purchased the SZS10-1.6-Q for its rubber tires processing. ZBG’s 10 ton natural gas steam boiler totally meets its requirement about pressure, steam quality (below 3PPM), delivery time, auxiliaries, etc. This set of steam boiler proper system inludes boiler proper, valves and instruments, economizer; auxiliary equipment include water feeding pump, flectrical control cabinet, steam header, burner (Baltur Italy), automatic water treatment, deaerator (10t/h Matched including deaerator pump,control cabinet).

10 ton gas fired boiler parameters:

Model: SZS10-1.6-Q
Rated evaporation: 10t/h
Rated steam pressure: 1.6Mpa
Designing fuel: Natural gas
Manufacturing Standard: GB

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