116MW Hot Water Boiler Benefits for Thermal Power Plant

Large capacity hot water boiler is the essential equipment in a thermal power plant. ZG Group designed the 116MW CFB hot water boiler for a Harbin Thermal Power Plant.  And on Feb. 15, 2015, the 116MW hot water Boiler manufactured by ZG Group finished the energy efficiency testing and put into use. After one year operation, its economic benefits and social benefits have been fully proved.
116MW CFB hot water boiler
Economic benefits analysis of 116MW hot water boiler:
The design efficiency of circulating fluidized bed boiler is 90.12%, while the measured thermal efficiency reaches 91.98%. According to the provisions of TSG G0002-2010 “boiler energy saving technical supervision and management regulations”, the required thermal efficiency of coal burning should be 83%, and its target value is 89%. Thus it can be seen the 116MW coal fired CFB boiler has a 8.98% higher thermal efficiency than the national standard.
The 116MW CFB hot water boiler used in heating and electricity supply has great economic benefits.
1.It can save large amounts of coal fuels, if the boiler operates 180 days per year, we can calculate how many tons of coal fuels are saved: 37.999×12280/(7000*4.1868)×(1/83%-1/91.98%)×24×180=8090.6 ton coal/year.
2.Coal saving percent: (91.98%-83%)/91.98=10.81% (91.98%-89%)/89%=3.34%
3.Low pollutant emissions: Its NOx emission is very low, adding limestone in coal feeding can realize desulfurization in boiler furnace and reduce the production of SOx. The desulfurization rate inside furnace can almost reach 90%.
4.The metal consumption is relatively low: compared with the other boiler company’s CFB boiler of same parameters, our one set product can save about 50 tons of steel, largely reducing the investment cost.
Social benefits analysis of 116MW hot water boiler:
1.Availability: since it was put into operation in 2015, there is no heating surface wear leaks and other accidents, and it is always operating stable and reliable. While other company’s same parameter boiler has occurred twice tube wear and leak accident and once feed back tube blockage accident. Our boiler is much safer.
2.Influences on related industries As ZG Group takes up larger boiler market, the related industries like steel, refractory, installation, maintenance and others will further develop, to create larger benefits.
The 116MW CFB hot water boiler project has great advantages of high efficiency, coal saving, power saving, low wear and abrasion, and low emission, and it can create considerable economic and social benefits.
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