17.5MW Gas Fired Boiler for Heating

Mode:     SZS17.5-1.0/95/70-Q
Capacity:         17.5 MW
Application:           Central heating in Oilfield

Jianghan Oilfield, located in Hubei Jianhan Plain, is a large comprehensive inter-regional conglomerate integrated oil exploration, oil and gas production, procession and sale. Has found 24 oil and gas fields, proven oil-bearing area of 139.6 square kilometers, gas bearing area of 71.04 square kilometers, the cumulative production of 21187300 tons of crude oil, 954000000 cubic meters of natural gas. For the coming winter, the company ordered a 17.5MW gas fired hot water boiler for heating supply.

17.5MW gas fired boiler specification

Type: SZS
Capacity: 17.5MW/25TPH
Pressure: 1.0MPa
Output water temperature: 95℃
Return water temperature: 70℃
Design fuel: gas

25 TPH gas fired hot water boiler

The 17.5MW (also refer to 25 ton) hot water boiler is SZS series, D type double-drum boiler, which is composed of up and down drum, water cooling membrane wall, convection tube and economizer, and the burner is at the front wall. After the fuel is combusted in the furnace, the flue gas flows through the convection tube,economizer into the chimney. D type, compact in structure, it can save much floor area; water-cooling wall, flue gas condensation recovery system, the boiler is high efficiency

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