2 ton Gas Fired Boiler in Photographic Film Production

Mode:    Gas fired boiler
Capacity:    2 tons
Application:     Photographic Film Production

On 9th Dec, 2016, ZBG delivered one set of WNS2-1.0-Y.Q boiler to a digital material factory in Nanyang. This boiler will generate 2 ton steam per hour in photographic film production process, with gas fuels.

In all phases of manufacture, photographic film is extremely sensitive to light, heat, dust, and impurities. Air flow into the film-manufacturing rooms is washed and filtered. Temperature and humidity are carefully regulated. Production rooms are scrubbed clean daily, and plant workers wear protective clothing and enter sensitive work areas through air showers that clean personnel of dust and contaminants. Each step of manufacture is carefully inspected and controlled.

WNS series gas fired steam boiler, has automatic operation system, a kind of packaged boiler, which is easy to install and operation. ZBG has sold tens of WNS series boiler in 2016. WNS series steam capacity is among 2 to 10 ton, reasonable price, very convenient to small scale factories. If interested in our products, please contact with our consumer service or leave us a message.

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