2 Ton Gas Oil Fired Steam Boiler In Kenya

Mode:         WNS2-1.25-Y(Q)
Capacity:           2 tons
Application:               Food processing

In December, 2010, we had one set of 2 ton gas oil fired steam boiler exported to Kenya. According to client’s requirement, the boiler was designed as dual fuel steam boiler burning both natural gas and light oil, and it was used in food processing. The food group of Kenya spoke highly of the boiler efficiency and fuel saving.

Dual fuel gas oil boiler parameters

Rated steam capacity: 2 t/h
Rated steam pressure: 1.25 MPa
Rated steam temperature: 184 ℃
Feeding water temperature: 20 ℃
Designing  efficiency : 88.3 %
Designing fuel: light oil or natural gas
Consumption of fuel: 132.6 kg/h、151 Nm3/h

Gas oil boiler supplier in Kenya

ZG Boiler is a manufacturer and supplier of gas oil fired boiler, we provide our clients right heating or power solutions. Our gas oil fired steam boilers are usually used in central heating, food processing, paper industry, textile mill, hospital, hotel, etc. Tailor-designed boiler production is to meet each client’s need. In 2014, we also had one set of 3 ton gas fired steam boiler in food processing used in Indonesia.

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