30t/h Biomass Boiler Contract Signed With Korea Company

On 19th October, we signed 30t/h biomass fired boiler contract with a Korea company. This is another biomass boiler order after two sets of 30 ton biomass boiler contracts with Mexico and Columbia and one set of 45 ton biomass boiler contract with Costa Rica signed in 2014.
30 ton biomass boiler contract
DONGWOO ALT CO., LTD, is a manufacturer of synthetic leather in Korea, main products involving different areas, such as shoes, balls, as well as life commodity industry and medical industry that required high quality and environmental material. It is known that steam boiler is widely used in leather wet processing technology. High temperature is needed in ironing, knurling, and dyeing process, therefore, a steady running boiler is very necessary and it might have great influence on the entire production process.
30 ton biomass boiler contract with Korea
Through months efforts, our salesman continually communicated with the client and solved the problems that they asked. Then after in-depth investigation and negotiation, the Korea clients finally determined to purchase a 30 ton biomass steam boiler. We recommended the ZG-3.9/450-T, a biomass corner tube boiler, which is designed to generate heat to meet high temperature steam need in leather production.
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