75 Ton Gas Steam Boiler For Power Generation In China

Mode:     Gas power plant boiler
Capacity:      75 tons
Application:      power generation in chemical industry

In 2010, one set of 75 ton gas fired boiler was manufactured by our company for chemical industry power generation. The 75 ton gas fired power plant boiler was high temperature, high pressure with the rated steam pressure of 10.5MPa. It was π type layout, water tube system, high thermal efficiency and low emission.

Gas steam boiler for power generation design

Rated steam capacity: 75t/h
Rated steam pressure: 10.5MPa
Rated steam pressure: 510℃
Feed water temperature: 110℃
Design fuel: natural gas

Gas fired power plant boiler features

1. It is vertical field assemble gas fired boiler, π type layout and its design structure is similar to circulating fluidized bed boiler.

2. A gas fired power plant boiler usually has higher steam pressure than horizontal gas boiler, high temperature high pressure and its steam quality is much better, which can be used in power plant.

3. Due to its large heating surface, when it’s fuel changes, the steam capacity won’t vary too much, so it has a flexible fuel range.

4. It is equipped with high efficient burner, over-pressure, flame-out protection.

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