8 ton oil gas steam boiler for a food factory

Mode:    wns series Gas Steam Boiler
Capacity:     8 ton
Application:     food factory

An Israeli food factory purchased an 8 ton wns series oil and gas steam boiler from our company for use in sterilization and baking in its production process. After fully considering the user’s demand steam, our technical engineers quoted the model for the oil and gas steam boiler. Our detailed boiler parameter information and reasonable boiler price quotes won the trust of users. In April 2017, the boiler officially completed the installation and commissioning work, and began to be put into normal operation

  8 ton wns series oil gas steam boiler details

Rated steam capacity: 8 ton per hour

Working pressure: 1.25 MPa

Rated steam temperature: 194 ℃

Output: Steam

Type: forced circulation

Structure: Fire Tube

Style: Horizontal

Fuel: natural gas, heavy oil, diesel, lpg, etc.

Weight: 13 ton

Thermal efficiency: 96.8%

Application: food factory, hospital, textile mill, greenhouse, hotel, etc.

The wns series oil gas boiler adopts three-pass wet-backed and wavy furnace structure, pipe plate spanner butting, flue pipe and pipe plate expanding first and then welding process, eliminating the gap between flue pipe and pipe plate, preventing corrosion, using threaded flue pipe heat exchange, thereby improving thermal efficiency, reducing operating costs, compact structure, short installation cycle, and occupying the ground It is small in size, fast in temperature rise, stable in output, simple in automatic control and convenient in maintenance. The perfect match between the WNS series oil/gas fire tube boiler and high efficiency burner ensures reliable and efficient operation in standard construction. The boiler efficiencies is in excess of 98%. The oil and gas boiler provides very high turndown ratios with accurate control of excess air and lowest practicable operating costs. Electrical power consumption is reduced by 30% to 50% by the use of variable speed control.

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