8 Tons WNS Series Boiler for Russia

Mode:      WNS8-1.25-Y/Q
Capacity:       8 tons
Application:       Steam supply

In September 8, 2017, 8 tons oil and gas fired boilers exported to Russia was shipped to Qingdao port. This project lines in St Petersburg and boiler with natural gas and diesel as fuel.

As we know, the selection requirements of production equipment are very high, ZBG oil and gas fired boiler adopts water-cooled wet-back and pass structure with butt weld, FRG flue gas recirculation technology, condensation prevention and control technical advantages, which make the Russian customers were satisfied and successfully signed one set of 8 tons WNS series steam boiler. In addition, based on the strict European boiler emission standard, ZBG has equipped imported Italy imported burners for customers.

Now, ZBG international market shares are increasing year by year, which is based on ZBG has access to quality, safety certification of various countries, such as ASME, DOSH, IBR certification and CU-TR Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan customs union authentication.

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