Can Oil&Gas Fired Boiler Be Used For Generating Electricity

With the increasing need of fuel for industrial boiler, environmental protection has become a more and more important issue for every country. The clean energy, such as oil and gas for industrial boiler, is popular in global market. Oil & Gas fuel boiler could be used in many places, such as supplying heat or hot water for enterprises or public institutions. But can they be used for generating electricity?
large capacity gas fired boiler for power plant

Large capacity Oil & Gas Fired Boiler is available

Engineers in ZG Boiler say that, the oil&gas fired boiler could be used for generating electricity, but the capacity of them should be very large, such as 20-130t oil&gas fired power plant boiler, which is usually in bulk form.

The difference between Oil & Gas boiler and coal fuel boiler

Some advantages, such as fully combustion, no pollution emission, easy to handle, convenient to install and so on, could be realized by using oil&gas fired boiler in generating electricity. The fuel of coal fired boiler is more or less harmful to environment. What’s more, the NOX emission in the gas when burning coal is hardly to decrease.

The advantages of oil & gas fired power plant boiler

High thermal efficiency, strong output, strong load adaptability, high automation degree, convenient to operate, safe and reliable operation are the main advantages of this type of boiler. So it is an ideal environmental friendly product of high efficiency and low energy cost.
The fuel of oil & gas fired power plant boiler is oil or all kinds of high and low calorific value gas. This type of boiler will play a key role in generating electricity in the future.
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