CFB Boiler for Chemical Plant

Chemical plant is a large energy consumption industry, and boilers are needed during the processing of ethylene, styrene, ammonia, methanol and other chemical producers. Surely boiler efficiency will affect the economic benefit of chemical plant , so client will choose chemical plant boiler carefully based on needed boiler capacity, parameters, fuel features, furnace performance. Given current circumstances, a CFB boiler burning coal and biomass is the first priority among middle and small chemical enterprises.
cfb boiler
CFB Boiler for chemical industry 

Chemical plant boiler advantages

High Efficiency – CFB boilers can burn fuel with a combustion efficiency of over 95% irrespective of ash content. CFB boilers can operate with overall Thermal efficiency of 82% (plus or minus 2%).
Compact in Boiler Size – High heat transfer rate over a small heat transfer area immersed in the bed result in overall size reduction of the boiler.
Fuel Flexibility – CFB boilers can be operated efficiently with a variety of fuels. Even fuels like Coal , Husk , agro waste can be burnt efficiently. These can be fed either independently or in combination with coal into the same furnace.
Ability to Burn Low Grade Fuel – CFB boilers would give the rated output even with inferior quality fuel. The boilers can fire coals with ash content as high as 60% and having calorific value as low as 2,500 kcal/kg. Even carbon content of only 1% by weight can sustain the fluidised bed combustion.
Ability to Burn Fines – Coal containing fines below 6 mm can be burnt efficiently in CFB boiler, which is a very difficult to achieve in conventional firing system.
Low Corrosion and Erosion – The corrosion and erosion effects are less due to lower combustion temperature, softness of ash and low particle velocity (of the order of 1 m/sec).
Easier Ash Removal – No Clinker Formation- Since the temperature of the furnace is in the range of 750 – 900 Degree C in CFB boilers, even coal of low ash fusion temperature can be burnt without clinker formation. Ash removal is easier as the ash flows like liquid from the combustion chamber. Hence less manpower is required for ash handling.

Chemcial plant boiler manufacturer

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