Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler Cost

Coal fired hot water boiler is usually used in heating and bathing. If enterprises want to largely reduce the cost, attentions must be paid to ensure the hot water boiler operation economically. Some factors affect the coal fired boiler cost, such as the boiler room and material cost, coal fuel cost, maintenance cost, utility expense and labor cost.
coal fired hot water boiler for sale
Boiler room cost and related material cost
Coal fired hot water boiler room construction belongs to the category of civil engineering, and its construction should conform to the relevant standards, besides, in a boiler room, water treatment chemicals, deslagging agent, soot cleaning agent, reducing agent, lubricant and some others should be equipped. All of them shall be recorded into the total cost.
Boiler fuel cost
Fuel as the drive force of coal-fired hot water boiler operation is the second largest expenses except boiler purchase cost. The cost of fuel combustion can be calculated by actual fuel consumption times unit price, also the cost is related to fuel type, fuel price, fuel quality and its transportation fee. So, for the enterprises, choose the appropriate fuel is the key.
Maintenance cost
Just like people will get sick, the running fault is also hard to avoid for the boiler. This means boiler maintenance cost is unavoidable. What’s more, boiler as a special equipment needs annual inspection and maintenance. So in some degree, to purchase a good quality coal fired boiler is to save money.
Utilities cost
Tonnes of water and large amounts of electricity are needed during boiler operating.
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