Coal Quality Importance in 7MW Hot Water Boiler

Coal fired hot water boiler is a widely used boiler type in heating, hot water, thermal power plant. The coal quality is very important that related to the hot water boiler operation and combustion efficiency.
7mw coal fired hot water boiler

Coal quality importance in 7MW hot water boiler

1.When the coal quality used in 7MW hot water boiler is poor, it is hard for the boiler ignition, operation and adjusting. The coal fired hot water boiler is likely to flame-out, this deadly effects the outlet boiler temperature. What’s more, the boiler furnace might coke easily, convection tubes, economizer, air preheater and other heating surface damage and are easy to fouling, the air resistance increase, affecting the heating boiler efficiency.
2.If the coal quality has much sulfur content, it is easy to cause high temperature corrosion in water cooled membrane, and low temperature corrosion in the end part of flue gas pipe, economizer, air preheater. No matter the high temperature corrosion or low temperature corrosion may cause boiler tube explosion and affect boiler safe operation.

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