Coke Gas or Blast Furnace Gas Boiler in Steel Industry

Steel industry consumes large energy every year and the high levels of power requirement and rising energy costs become a major challenge for the steel industry. While the free by-product gas like coke gas, blast furnace gas during its production process can serve as the fuel source for efficient power generation. The coke gas or blast furnace gas boilers not only bring economic benefit, also reduce industrial CO2 emission.

gas power plant boiler in steel industry

Coke gas

Coke gas is a by-product of industrial coke production from pit coal, coke gas is created by high-temperature dry distillation of coking coals in the absence of oxygen. The gas mainly consists of hydrogen (50-60%), methane (15-50%) and a small percentage of carbon monoxide, carbon and nitrogen. With a calorific value of 5kWh/Nm3, coke gas constitutes a high-value fuel for effective power generation.

Blast furnace gas

Blast furnace gas is a by-product of blast furnaces where iron ore is reduced with coke into metallic iron. The gas has a very low heating value of around 0.9kWh/Nm3, which on its own is typically not high enough for combustion in a gas engine. There is the possibility to blend this gas with other off gases.

high pressrue 75 ton gas power plant boiler in Sinkiang

Steel production gas boiler for power production

The Gas fuel power plant boiler is an ideal, efficient, low consumption, low pollution product. It adopts advanced PLC system and π-type layout, provide high quality of steam for power generating. The by-product coke gas and blast furnace gas are good fuels firing in boiler for self electricity generation. We manufacture the high temperature high pressure gas power plant boiler for steel industry and smelting industry. We have one set of 75 ton blast furnace gas boiler for power production installed in Sinkiang that is operating well.

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