Coking Waste Heat Boiler Technological Process

Coking waste heat boiler is installed in the coking furnace back-pass, to recycle the flue gas waste heat and reduce energy consumption. During the process of coking production, the coking plant will produce a lot of waste gas with the temperature of 550~950 degree C. For further recycle of the waste gas, our company developed natural circulation water tube type coking waste heat boiler with novel structure and advanced performance.
coking waste heat boiler
waste heat recovery boiler for coking plant

Coking waste heat boiler technological process

The waste gas is exhausted through the boiler slag tube bank, super heater, convection tube bank and steel pipe economizer, enters into the desulfuring and de-dusting device in the boiler rear, and then it is exhausted to the atmosphere by the induced draft fan through the chimney. The solidified slag bank is dispersed from the water wall tube. The structure of the super-heater is the horizontal suspension structure, with high temperature area and low temperature area. The super-heater is cooled by surface type of cooling or water. The convection bank adopts the in line arrangement. In the middle of the convection bank, there is baffle wall through the multiple baffling; the convection bank can improve the velocity of the flue gas, thus forming the effective horizontal scouring and improving the heat transfer capacity of the convection bank. The coal economizer is the pipe coil bend economizer adopting transversal flow staggered layout. The unique membrane type wall flue gas channel wall of the boiler can increase the heating surface, improve the seal and security of the boiler, as well as make the boiler structure compact.
Our waste heat recovery boiler has high efficiency in heat transferring and two-level furnace smoke separation function. It can utilize most of the waste heat produced by coking furnace, reducing energy consumption and releasing the environmental pollution caused by coking furnace high temperature waste heat emission. 
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