Fire Tube Gas and Oil Boiler VS Water Tube Gas and Oil Boiler

Gas and oil boilers fall into two categories: fire tube and water tube. Boilers in which flue gas flows through the tubes and water surrounds the tubes, are called as fire tube boilers; the boilers in which water circulates through the tubes, which combustion gases surround the tubes, are called as water tube boilers.

Why choose gas and oil fired boiler:

People are paying more attention to environment protection and they now prefer to use clean energy like gas and oil. In many developed countries, like America, Australia, Mexico, Singapore and other countries, the gas and oil boilers play very crucial roles.

ZG Group supplies gas and oil fired boiler, fire tube and water tube from 1 ton to 130 ton. The boilers can be used in steam, hot water and electricity applications in many industries where need them.

No matter fire tube gas and oil boiler or water tube gas and oil boilers, both of the two boilers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here we will discuss for better knowing which type is the most appropriate for your project.

14MW Gas fired hot water boiler for heating

Fire tube gas and oil boilers 1 ton to 20 ton:

Gas and oil fired boiler WNS series is horizontal fire tube boiler, three-pass, wet-back design, can reach very high efficiency. Usually the boilers burn natural gas, coke oven gas, city gas, diesel oil, light oil, heavy oil. To be frankly, this type of boilers are usually used in small-scale factory. It is packaged type, easy to transport and install. Low investment and few failures maintenance cost; it can meet the needs of hotel, school, hospital, small food factory, and bath centers using.

20 ton bi-drum water tube gas boiler

Water tube gas and oil boilers 6 ton to 130 ton:

It is obvious that the capacity of a water tube boiler is larger than that of a fire tube boiler, and water tube boilers have wider applications. The gas and oil water tube boiler manufactured by ZG Group can be divided into two series: SZS and ZG. Of the two series, SZS is packaged type for steam and hot water; ZG type is usually for power generation in smelting industry, steel and iron plant, chemical industry, cement plant and so on.

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