Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler Combustion Ways

Gas fired hot water boiler is widely applied in many industries, like food & beverage, hotel, hospital, heating supply, thermal power plant. Its combustion way has a visible effect on the combustion efficiency. In this article, common gas fired hot water boiler combustion ways are introduced.
Premixed Combustion
According to expert of ZG, most gas fired boilers use the Premixed Combustion, which previously mixes part of the air and gas fuel(primary air excess coefficient is between 0.2 ~ 0.8), then combustion begins. The combustion way has enhanced combustion, high efficiency, clear firing flame, and other advantages, but it also has a high demand for primary air control and combustion air components, so the burning might be not so stable.
Diffusion combustion
The diffusion combustion is to diffuse the air and fuel through gas nozzle then combust. The way has its advantages and disadvantages: combustion stable, simple gas appliance structure; but the flame is longer, which is not good for fuel complete burning and causes heated area carbonized. 
Flameless combustion
When gas fired hot water boiler is flameless combustion, the required air is mixed uniformly with gas fuel before burning, and the primary air excess air ration is equal to the excess air ratio that fuel is fully combusted. No more oxygen from air is needed, but after the gas and fuel burn, they can burnt out instantly.
gas fired hot water boiler
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