Gas Fired Vacuum Hot Water Units and Vacuum Boiler

Gas vacuum hot water unit is mainly composed of several parts, such as boiler body(that is, vacuum hot water boiler), heat exchanger, automation controller, burner and other components.

Gas fired vacuum unit component:

Boiler body: the boiler body is a core component of the vacuum hot water unit, and its performance will directly affect the whole combustion efficiency. In general, the horizontal vacuum boiler adopts straight-tube heat exchanger, the both ends heads and pipes can dismantle, user-friendly maintenance and cleaning heat exchanger pipes. We offer the vacuum hot water boiler burning gas, oil or dual fuel, which is of large combustion chamber, low heat overload inside furnace. It introduces high quality Q235 plates and 20# steel pipes, the boiler quality is guaranteed to provide high temperature hot waters.
Heat exchanger: the use of stainless steel makes the heat exchanger more excellent performance. It is inserted into negative pressure vacuum evaporation chamber in the way of tube bundles, and the two ends are connected with flanges.
Automation Controller: automation controller is mainly used to automatically detect the boiler water temperature, outlet water temperature, and detect burner and internal furnace failure.
Combustion equipment: due to its special design, vacuum hot water boilers can configure combustion chamber through a dedicated mounting plate based on fuel type and user’s requirement.
gas oil vacuum hot water boiler

Gas oil vacuum hot water boiler manufacturer

The Zhengzhou Boiler Co,.Ltd. was founded in 1945 and is a renowned manufacturer of industrial hot water boilers. We manufacture industrial vacuum hot water boilers (available as gas, oil, propane, or combination-fired) ranging from 0.5tph to 6tph with a pressure of -0.02MPa. Its a 100% safe boiler, up to 92% thermal efficiency, no annual inspection, 20 years work span. If you want a vacuum hot water boiler for heating, contact us for more information!
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