Gas Power Plant VS Other Power Plant


A gas fired power plant is a power station which burns gas fuel such as natural gas, biogas, or low calorific value gas to produce electricity. ZBG gas fired power plant boiler will play a very important role in the future application of thermal energy equipment, with high efficiency, high degree of automation, low energy consumption and less pollution.

Gas Power Plant VS Other Power Plant

High efficiency

High efficiency, light pollution and less water consumption

Low investment cost

40-70% of coal fired power generation

Low management cost

Low management costs: fewer operators

Short start-stop time

On and off time is short: start time of cold state is not more than 180 minutes; the normal temperature is not more than 140 minutes, hot state is not more than 80 minutes

Small footprint

A 60MW coal fired power plant, which covers 3 units of 35MW grade gas units, gas power plant can reduce 40% of the floor space

High operation performance

Operation performance is higher than other power plants, the utilization rate of operation is 85-90%

Auxiliary Equipment

The natural gas power generation adopts combined cycle, which is composed of gas turbine unit + boiler + steam turbine generator.

Gas turbine

Compression machines, gas turbines, generators, large carbon dioxide fire extinguishing devices and corresponding control systems, auxiliary equipment, etc.


Flue-gas stack generator, economizer, air preheater, surface condenser, boiler water sample, boiler drum, cooling water pump, electric control cabinet, cylinder and so on.

Steam turbine

Steam turbine: steam turbine, heater, generator, deaerator, auxiliary equipment.
High voltage transmission equipment and power distribution equipment.

Power Generation Process

The gas power plant is a kind of circulation system using gas turbine, generator and boiler, steam turbine. Through the waste heat boiler recycling, it converts the high temperature flue gas generated by the gas turbine into steam, and then injects the steam into the steam turbine to generate electricity.

Cost calculation analysis

To find out the exact cost for a gas fired power plant is quite complex. The major factors affecting the capital cost is selection of technology, cost of land, cost for the power evacuation (distance of the existing nearest grid to which transmission lines are to be connected), cost of getting continuous water supply , equipment cost, fuel cost and so on.

ZBG Gas Power Plant Boiler Features

  • Capacity: 20-130 tons
    (for 3-25 MW gas power plant)
  • Pressure: ≤5.29MPa
  • Fuel: coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, natural gas, biogas

  • Intelligent control, safe operation

    Mechatronics control equipment and PLC combined control, the operation is more simple and convenient.

  • International brand, superior quality

    Adopting internationally renowned brand burner (BALTUR, WEISHAUPT, RIELLO) and continuous electric adjustment to achieve high thermal efficiency.

  • Eco-friendly design

    micro-positive pressure combustion, full burning, little flue gas pollutant.

  • Advanced technology, first-class quality

    Supporting the production of sophisticated equipment, complete equipment, advanced CNC production.

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