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We offer high quality Dual Fuel Boilers which are manufactured from high grade raw material. The Dual Fuel Boilers of robust construction are horizontal three-pass wet-back design. The basic equipment of horizontal dual fuel boiler includes the boiler pressure vessel, the control and safety technology, the burner unit, a pump module, a terminal box and the control cabinet.
dual fuel gas oil boiler
horizontal gas & oil boiler
Generally it adopts micro-positive pressure combustion, don’t need to configure the induced draft fan.
Suitable for oil or high QDW gas(Qdw≥16000kJ/Nm3)
Simple structure, easy to manuafcture
Short installation period, low maintenance cost
The demand for boiler water quality is not high
Large water volume, large combustion chamber
Boiler capacity range is 1 ton to 20 ton per hour
Application area:
hospital, school, hotel, pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage, etc.  
Common fuel and its Qdw:
Natural Gas Qdw =38000KJ/ Nm3
Biogas Qdw=22000KJ/Nm3
Coke oven gas Qdw=16000KJ/Nm3 /td>
Blast furnace gas Qdw=3300KJ/Nm3
Light oil Qdw=42500KJ/kg
Residue oil Qdw=41300KJ/Kg
WNS series boiler is a dual fuel boiler, which can burn gas and oil at the same time. Expect the fuel I mentioned above, dual fuel boiler can burn diesel oil, heavy oil, propane, methnone, city gas and some other fuels. We are a dual fuel boiler manufacturer and supplier in China, welcome to contact us and get dual fuel boiler price list. 
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