Hot Water Boiler Maintenance While Shutdown Period

As we all know, during the boiler shutdown period, if don’t take proper measures, corrosion of metal inner surfaces of boiler water system will be more severe than the running time, it’s not only shorten boiler life, but may cause dangerous during operation.
hot water boiler maintenance
Because the water system of hot water boiler is competitive, so for the water system apart from boiler body, the user should take corrosion measures themselves. Here we recommend wet maintenance for horizontal hot water boiler shutdown period. 
The wet maintenance is both for boiler maintenance and boiler water system maintenance, its distinguishing feature is have good protective effect on a variety of metal materials in the water system, specially added active ingredients of copper corrosion.
Maintenance principle: a special shutdown maintenance agent dissolved in water, division in the water system with water, the system is full of water and in a sealed state, corrosion inhibitors attached to the metal surface after contact with metal, isolate the metal and oxygen molecules, which prevent the metal from oxygen corrosion. Since the drug itself is not consumed, so it’s generally no need to add medicine frequently, large reduce administrative expenses during boiler shutdown and maintenance.
Boiler maintenance features: easy to operate for boiler shutdown maintenance, the inhibition efficiency is much higher than traditional alkaline solid medicine (carbonate, inorganic phosphate, etc.).
Pharmacy description: the special shutdown maintenance agent is formulated by a variety of special organic gold inhibitor, after dissolving in the water, have both neutralization and in film effect. Liquid pharmaceutical solubility is better, and easy for medicine to distribute in the boiler evenly.
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