How Air Leakage affects Coal Fired Boiler

Coal fired boiler is a large thermal equipment to heat the water in boiler to certain temperature or pressure through burning fuel. While using it, we should operate according to the rule and pay attention to the effect of air leakage to boiler. Air leakage will cause great harm to the normal operation of the boiler, there are mainly several aspects:
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Increase the operation fee of boiler

Air leakage in furnace will increase the power consumption of fan and induced fan. The smoke is increased owing to air leakage, so the frequency of using the induced fan is increased. At the same time, the resistance of discharging flue gas is increased so that the power consumption of induced fan and blower is more than before. The operation cost of enterprises is increased.

Decrease the thermal efficiency of boiler

Owing to the cool air leak into the furnace, the thermal efficiency of boiler is decreased severely. So the same quantity of water needs more fuel and time to be heated to certain temperature. In this circumstance, the cost is increased and a part of energy is wasted.

Increase the maintenance fee of boiler

The smoke discharged is increased and the flue gas through the heating surface is increased due to air leakage. So the wear of the pipe is severe, which shortens the time of the use of accessories and increases the cost of replacement parts and maintenance costs. In addition, the air leakage will reduce the output of coal fired boiler, and reduce the temperature of the furnace, worsen the combustion of boiler.
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