How Many Fuel It Will Consume in a Boiler to Generate Steam and Power

Many clients ask the question how many fuel it consumes in a boiler. Well, it’s hard to answer, we know, there are different types of boilers, different fuels, different combustion types, and different sizes, all these factors can change the answer. But here I will briefly give a fuel consumption sheet for reference only.

Fuel Consumption In  A Boiler

Fuel Boiler Type 1t/h 2t/h 3t/h 4t/h 6t/h 8t/h 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h
Coal kg
Chain Grate Boiler 208 411 / 838 1225 1633 1761 2679 3461
Coal fuel
CFB Boiler / / / / / / 1653 2436 3333
Natural gas  m3

Natural Gas Boiler 77 153 230 305 464 618 710 1065 1414
Diesel Oil kg
Diesel Oil
66 132 197 262 398 532 585 875 1165
Coke Oven Gas Natural Gas Boiler 1425 2135 2850
Blast Furnace Gas Natural Gas Boiler 8090 12080 16085
Note: All the Gas & Oil Fired Boiler fuel consumption is given when it is under rated pressure 1.25MPa, Flue gas temperature 150 degree C. Fuel’s heat value also influences the consumption.

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