How To Choose A Separation System For CFB Boiler

Over the last decades, circulating fluidized bed combustion technology has been largely improved and widely used in industrial boilers. Strong fuel flexibility, low emission, high combustion efficiency are the reason why the CFB Boiler is so popular in the international boiler market. A separation system takes a crucial role in the boiler operation.
CFB boiler

Separator in CFB boiler system

It is said that separator is the most key part of a CFB boiler, which can determine the whole boiler energy consumption in a large degree, therefore, choose a right separation system is very necessary.
1. High temperature cyclone separator:
this is usually single-stage separation circulatory system and the separation cycle is of high combustion efficiency. However, the high temperature cyclone separator has its shortage, for example, it takes large area,  but the space for transforming the old boiler furnace in original boiler room is limited.
2. Medium temperature separator:
the main feature of this type separator system: low temperature of inlet flue gas, small size, the structure of the separator material itself is easy to handle. The separator is arranged after the high temperature economizer, the high temperature ash and low temperature ash mix together and reach a temperature above 800 ℃, easy to fire and fully burn.
3. High/ low mixture velocity circulatory system:
In order to overcome the lack of medium temperature separator, this circulatory system that emergence of high and low velocity is developed.

Circulating fluidized bed boiler manufacturer

ZG Boiler provides 10 ton – 280 ton CFB steam boiler and CFB hot water boiler that adopt membrane wall to form circulating fluidized bed boiler separator skeleton, the separator is set in the  combustion chamber outlet and adopts multi-stage high temperature separation, which can effectively prevent wearing in separator and heating surface.
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