How To Choose A Suitable Gas Boiler for Heating Area

Heating area is a key factor to consider when choose a gas heating boiler, how to calculate and choose a suitable gas fired hot water boiler for the heating area is very important.
ZBG Boiler Expert puts that, theoretically speaking, 1 ton hot water boiler should heat 10,000㎡, but in fact, for various internal and external factors 1 ton gas fired boiler can supply heat for 6,000-8,000㎡building. For example, if a heating company wants to heat 20,000㎡building areas, 4 sets of 1 ton gas fired boiler or 1 set of 4 ton gas fired boiler might be the right choice.
gas fired heating boiler
natural gas fired boiler for heating 
Different tonnage of gas boiler has different heating areas, the condition of the boiler operation itself will accordingly reduce the theoretical value of the gas boiler heating area. Boiler will produce scaling while running, and the scale will reduce the operating efficiency of the boiler. If using impure natural gas, it would also reduce boiler’s combustion efficiency. Some external conditions can also cause the lack of boiler heating area, for instance, if the room warm is not good, leakage, heat dissipation and other conditions may occur and accelerate the reduction of the boiler heating area.
We give some reference values of different tonnage gas boiler’s heating area:
1 ton gas fired boiler can heat about 6,000㎡~8,000㎡
2 ton gas fired boiler can heat about 12,000㎡~16,000㎡
3 ton gas fired boiler can heat about 18,000㎡~24,000㎡
4 ton gas fired boiler can heat about 24,000㎡~32,000㎡
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