How to Choose A Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

With the successful development of vacuum hot water boiler, this type of boiler has become an ideal thermal equipment, so it is popular in many small enterprises for its advantages. But how to choose a good vacuum hot water boiler is still an issue for many enterprises. Besides quality and price, when choosing vacuum boiler, we should take some factors into account as follow.
Vacuum hot water boiler
vacuum hot water boiler manuactured by ZG Boiler can burn gas or oil as fuel

The Fuel of Vacuum Boiler

The fuel should be considered first, because the cost is related to it directly. The boiler can burn gas and oil. We could receive the effect of environmental protection furthest by using natural gas, but the cost of it maybe higher in some places.

The Evaporation Capacity of Vacuum Boiler

The evaporation is also called the load of boiler, which is exactly the needed quantity of hot water or steam. The unit of it is t/h, and the capacity of the vacuum hot water boiler in ZG Boiler is 0.5-6 t/h. We should choose the suitable capacity of boiler to avoid energy waste and save cost.

The Heat Ex-changer of Vacuum Hot Water Boiler

Compared with the traditional boiler, the upper half vacuum steam chamber of vacuum hot water boiler is set in heat ex-changer. According to the usage of boiler, the heat ex-changers are divided into three types, for heating, sanitary hot water, hot water. Choosing the suitable type of heat ex-changer is vital for every enterprise.
What’s more, we should also pay attention to the control cabinet. Only when we choose a high quality of control cabinet, can the boiler perform well and the maintenance fee be reduced.
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