How To Deal With Autoclave Leakage During Seam Curing Process

Autoclave is a large scale steam equipment, a most important device for the AAC process that can affect the product strength and quality by high temperature and high pressure steam curing. In the steam curing process, if leakage condition occurs, we can detect the reason and take related measure to deal with the problem.
aac autoclave
Autoclave leakage condition and related measures:
1. Autoclave kettle cover is not properly closed or the steam discharge valve is not tight. For such a situation, we just need to turn off the autoclave cover or valves.
2. autoclave seal steam leakage phenomenon, this situation may be caused by: there is debris in the contact surface between seal and cover flange, we need to  clear up timely; the aging seals or quality difference of inner and outside seal also lead to steam leakage, we suggest new and same quality seals to replace them.
3. check the link site is also very important, such as: pipe joints and valves steam leakage. Generally, to tighten the bolts or replace the gasket or repair valves.
These measures can help you deal with the autoclave steam leakage during steam curing process. We provide excellent quality autoclave for AAC block plant ranging from 50000 cubic meter AAC plant to 300000 cubic meter AAC plant. Also we can provide customer-designed autoclaves to meet clients’ actual needs. If you wanna more autoclave price or data, please contact us!
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