How to Increase the Service Life of Industrial Boiler

As an important thermal power equipment, industrial boiler plays a key role in the global market. The service life of boiler is closely related to the cost of enterprise. The factors that affect the service life of boiler are the designed quality, the quality of water, and the maintenance.
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Thew quality of industrial boiler

The quality of boiler is the most important thing for enterprise. High quality of industrial boiler could ensure the safety and lower the maintenance fee. With advanced design, the boiler could meet the need of enterprise better.

The quality of boiler water

The quality of water plays a key role in guaranteeing the service life of boiler. When using the boiler, we can manage the water in national standard. If water quality can not meet the requirements, much boiler scale would generate and attach to the boiler heating surface,which will not only reduce the heat transfer effect of boiler, also greatly reduce the boiler heat dissipation effect, so the service life of boiler is shortened.

The maintenance of boiler

After a period of time, descaling must be taken in the boiler, at least cleaning every one year.   boiling furnace boiler after installation will ensure normal operation of the boiler and the service life of the boiler.
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