How to Prevent Autoclave From Leakage

Autoclave leakage heavily affects the quality and performance of steam-cured products. The so-called “prevention is better than cure”, this sentence is also applicable for the maintenance of the industrial autoclave. Combing prevention and maintenance can not only improve steam cured product quality, also reduce the running cost. Here let’s learn some methods for preventing autoclave leakage.
industrial autoclave
1.Welding parts to be seamless: for example, the autoclave head and cylinder, cylinder and cylinder, elbow and cylinder, all these should process testing treatment according to strict compliance regime, in order to avoiding cracks.
2.Precise and effective manufacturing: from the sealing groove to flange, then the seal ring at the part of flange joint, even the small details should be done carefully and try the best to narrow the scope of autoclave dimensional tolerance; its surface roughness must follow the drawings on the difference between the nearest micron; groove side and inside can not occur glitches, all these should be cleaned when it is assembled.
3. Lubricating oil temperature control: it would be better if lubricant oil is replaced frequently. As the temperature rises, oil will become thinner causing increased friction between components, and the wear and abrasion lead to a higher material failure rate.
4. Select high-quality hydraulic valves and autoclave manufacturer. Vales are the essential for autoclave leakage, so choose good quality valves are very important. ZG Group provide top quality valves as well as autoclaves. High efficiency, low failures.
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