How To Prevent Over-Temperature Of Steam Boiler Heating Surface

It is shown that steam boiler is the widest used boiler type in industrial production, and the demand for steam boiler is still rising. A steam boiler is a closed pressure vessel that burning coal, biomass, gas, oil or other fuel to generate and provide steam for industrial production. During the industrial steam boiler operating, measures should be taken to prevent steam boiler heating surface over-temperature.

Why to take measures on steam boiler over-heating surface

Over-temperature of steam boiler heating surface is often happened during its operation, the over-temperature is the thermal stress increasing on boiler heating surface, and often-happened overheating will cause wear and tear, finally affects boiler heating surface life span. What’s more, long-time overheating can cause its explosion and threaten the unit’s safety. So taking measures on steam boiler over-temperature heating surface is crucial.

Measures for preventing over-temperature heating surface

1. Regular monitoring steam boiler parameters like steam parameters, flow and water level data, multi-protection device can prevent over-pressure, overflow, water shortage and other phenomena.
2. Note steam boiler fuel situation and prevent airflow appears skewed; standard coal fineness and reasonable air, to avoid coking and steam boiler re-combustion; timely clean the soot blower, to avoid heating surface fouling, no air leakage or water leakage in soot blowers, to protect the heating surface.
3. Do combustion adjustment to maintain proper furnace flame center and prevent the flame deflection. For serious over-temperature steam boiler, we should do highly targeted test on combustion adjustment, adjusting the boiler combustion air distribution centers and flame height, finding out a reasonable way to ease over-temperature problems.
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