How To Prolong CFB Hot Water Boiler Service Life

Under the dual pressure of energy and environment, in recent years, CFB boilers have been developing rapidly in China, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc, due to its unique advantages in alternative fuels, manage waste and protect environment, the circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler has attracted national attention. And how to prolong the CFB hot water boiler service life has get more attention as well.
CFB hot water boilers
46 MW CFB hot water boiler installation site
1. After boiler shutdown, for example the 46MW CFB hot water boiler and system should be filled fully with water and use wet preservation. Coal storage room, ash room, heat-exchange, chimneys and other parts should be thoroughly cleaned of slag and ashes, boiler room should be kept dry, ash lime can be placed indoors to anti-moisture. If the water quality does not meet the requirements, can lead to excessive boiler scale, and the sedimentary layers of scale attached to the boiler heating surface can reduce the heat transfer efficiency of boiler water, meanwhile cooling effect is greatly reduced, finally shortening boiler’s service life.
2. 46MW fluidized bed hot water boiler maintenance and product quality are equally important. Some customers prefer to purchase good quality boiler, but pay little attention to maintenance, so even a good quality boiler still fails to achieve the expected service lifetime. The maintenance for boilers covers many aspects, such as timely brush and paint boiler appearance after the surface wears and tears, replace leaky fittings, radiators, etc.
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