How To Reduce Heat Losses in Gas Fired Boiler

Gas fired boiler is a green and high efficiency product, but we know during the operating, some heat may loss and reduce its efficiency. So we need to know the measures that can effectively reduce heat losses and improve gas boiler utilization efficiency.
Engineer of ZG Boiler puts that most heat losses happen in gas fired boiler firing up and shutdown process. We manufacture the gas boiler that adopts corrugated furnace, heat surfaces use spirally corrugated tube. Our fire tube natural gas boiler for sale can reach 92% thermal efficiency. We also provide overall boiler installation and maintenance support, like how to reduce heat losses and improve efficiency in gas fired boiler.
Heat losses in gas fired boiler firing up
Through the ignition pipe or temperature and pressure reducer, the boiler exhaust from cooled superheater goes into the steam pipeline net with lower pressure, can reduce the heat loss in firing up process. In firing-up process, the excess air ratio should not be too large, adjust the combustion no black smoke, can also reduce the heat loss.
Heat losses in gas fired boiler shutdown
1. For the backup gas boiler while shutdown, shut all the door dampers to minimize cold air, boiler departments should maintain a high temperature. When  ignition again, the amount of stored heat for boiler ministries will be reduced.
2. For longer shutdown and maintenance, in the early shutdown period can  recycle the superheater exhaust, make full use of heat that various boiler parts stored in stoke.
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