How to Reduce the Operation Fee of Gas Fired Boiler

Gas fired boiler is more and more popular in recent years, and it has been a new generation of environment-friendly boiler. During the use process, measures should also be taken to reduce the operation cost for gas fired boiler, which is same with traditional boiler.
gas fired boiler for Indonesia
3 ton gas fired steam boiler exported to Indonesia in 2014

Improve the efficiency of boiler

Reducing the exhaust temperature of gas boiler, boiler air leakage rate, and the combustible content in fly ash are effective ways to improve the efficiency of boiler. The double-drum vertical “D” type water tube boiler of ZG Boiler is composed of upper and lower drum, membrane water wall, convection tube and flue gas condensate recovery unit. The boiler can generate large output, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 92%, which is higher than the international standard.

Control the feeding water

Strictly control the water hardness, feed water dissolved oxygen, water PH value, and steam quality to prevent boiler, condenser, heater and heating surface from corrosion, scaling and salt deposition. So as to ensure the perfect perform of gas fired boiler.

Improve equipment management level

Takes measures to reduce the internal and external leakage of gas fired boiler and reduce working medium and heat loss to improve the economic benefit of auxiliary operation and make it run in high efficient area as much as possible. Determine the reasonable operation mode of auxiliary machine and its related system under different operating conditions to reduce power cost.
Through these methods, a enterprise could get more economic and environmental profit with gas fired boiler.
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