How To Solve CFB Boiler Falmeout

Attention must be paid to the bed temperature change during circulating fluidized bed boiler operation under low load condition, or flameout will occur and affect the boiler efficiency.
circulating fluidized bed boiler
When CFB boiler thick layer temperature is below750℃, wind and coal ratio is improper, or coal moisture content is higher leading to temperature decreasing, the circulating fluidized bed boiler may run a risk of flameout. At this time, we can take the following measures.
1. if CFB boiler temperature is below 750℃ and still decreases, we can cast suitable amount of coal for combustion supporting, then the temperature will gradually return to normal standard, rising to above 750℃.
2. if the temperature falls rapidly, and the above-mentioned measure is not available, we should readjust the air and add combustion supporting fuel, making the boiler slowly recover to normal operation.
Besides, we should know a sudden temperature decrease of CFB boiler can also be the predication of bed material layer deposition, so you cannot add the coal feeding directly, or it may cause low temperature corrosion and coking problem because of deposition. If you want to know more about CFB boiler operation, please pay attention to our website
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