Industrial Steam Boiler for Textile Industry

Steam is the major utility in textile industry and fuel accounts for about 50-60 % of the total utility bill. Steam is used in almost all of the dyeing and washing processes like Scouring and Bleaching Machine, Zero machine, Stenters, Jiggers, Jet Dyeing Machine, Loop Steamer and horizontal Cylinder Drying range etc. And steam boiler is the equipment to supply the highly needed steam. Coal, lignite, biomass, city gas, coke oven gas, light oil, heavy oil, waste heat are used as boiler fuel.

Selection of fuel for textile steam boilers

Reports said that fuels utilized in the textile industry have already gone through a switch-over from coal to oil. More recently, efficient energy use is under investigation, including the revival of coal on the way to a further move from oil to liquefied and city gases, while reflecting various fuel prices. In selecting fuels, those with good flue gas characteristics in addition to high calorific value and ease of combustion are desired, so that air pollution can be prevented as much as possible

Development of industrial boilers used in textile industry

By and large, boilers used in textile industry have experienced a change from Lancastrian- or Scotch-type tubular or smoke tube to water-tube boilers (natural circulation and forced circulation water-tube boilers and oncethrough boilers). As a result, boiler efficiency has improved from the conventional 60% or70% to as high as the 90%. Since high performance boilers are prone to a rapid growth of scales inside their water tubes, feed water management becomes important. Furthermore, these boilers have small amounts of retained water and high evaporation speeds so that many aspects of their operation are automated, including feed water and combustion management.

Power plant boiler in textile industry electricity supply

Expect for steam, electricity, a common power source for machinery, cooling and temperature control systems, is also the important energy. Larger industrial or utility boiler can be used in textile mill captive power plant.

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