Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturer in China

ZG is a China renowned industrial boilers manufacturer and supplier, specialized in producing steam boilers with superb quality and cutting edge features. Our company has extensive experience in supplying such products and in depth technical knowledge that helps us to cater to the all types of needs.

Steam boiler applications

Generally steam boilers are used in industries that require steam for process work like food processing, hotel, hospital, textile industry, paper and pulp, chemical and pharmaceutics, building materials. In these production, steam under a certain temperature and pressure is demanded. We have types of steam boilers to meet different needs.
steam boiler manufacturer in China
wns gas oil steam boiler in China

Types of steam boilers

ZG is perfect in manufacturing steam boilers in shell type designs and water tube designs. These are made keeping in mind the ease of customers, this is the reason that our brilliant engineers have inset wide fuel options that include light oil, heavy oil, LPG, CNG, coal, waste heat, and biomass wood. Our steam boilers cover almost all the types in the market, including three pass, package water tube or smoke tube boiler; packaged three pass wet-back boilers such as oil fired boilers, gas fired boilers; solid fuel fired; coal fired boiler, biomass boiler, large scale CFB steam boiler and waste heat boiler.
All the steam boilers are easy for operation and maintenance. These are manufactured with advanced features including large steam space to ensure dry steam, optimum heat recovery system, large integral furnace,induced draught fan facilities fuel feeding and de-ashing without interruption, etc. We are pride of providing better products and solutions for our customers.
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