Kazakhstan Petroleum Coke Calcining Waste Heat Boiler Project

Kazakhstan petroleum coke calcining project is an important project contracted by China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as NFC) in kazakhstan.Two 65-meter-long rotary kilns rotate at a constant speed and continuously produce calcined coke. The “waste” heat discharged in the production process is recycled and reused to realize power generation and heating supply,and it is Zhengzhou Boiler Co.,ltd who undertakes this project.

In 2013, NFC began to look for domestic manufacturers of waste heat boilers suitable for kazakhstan’s petroleum coke calcining project.Finally, it adopted the method of public bidding for selection.Zhengzhou Boiler Co.,ltd has had many successful cases in the field of carbon waste heat recovery boilers, its more feasible and perfect tender proposal and more competitive price make itself become NFC’s best choice.

Carbon Rotary Kiln Waste Heat Boiler

turns “waste“ into wealth , gathering high temperature flue gas from the carbon rotary kiln to generate electricity and heating with the help of generator or heat exchange unit, which can satisfy electricity and heating requirement of petroleum coke calcination factory.

With the developing of the petroleum coke calcination waste heat boiler in Kazakhstan , the project engineer Mr Liu and the other engineers in ZBG boiler will go to the working site in Pavlodar city together to meet the challenge of installation.

Under protection of much advanced technology , the de-dust degree of this boiler can be more than 99% , desulfurization degree can be more than 95% ,reducing the emission quantity of CO2,SO2 largely . Gypsum( calcium sulfate)-byproduct after flue gas desulfurization- can be regarded as building raw material after processed at the same time. Both environemt protection and economy benefit can be found in ZBG , all of this will contribute to opening the new time of environment protection in petroleum coke calcination field of Kazakhstan.

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