Maintenance Methods During Autoclave Long-term Shut-down

autoclave maintenenace
The autoclave is a large pressure vessel for high temperature high pressure steam-curing in aac block plant, sand lime brick plant, fly ash brick plant and other building material production line. When autoclave is in long-term shut-down, it should be seal up and maintenance as the following methods:
1. Open autoclave doors and drain valves at the both ends of autoclave bottom simultaneously, clean the residue water and slag, then thoroughly wash it with water.
2. Dry autoclave body surface: open the door to dry naturally, or blow it clean with compressed air, or wipe with rag, or dry with charcoal.
3. Clean autoclave door sealing side, remove debris and grease, then apply lubricant. Apply anti-corrosive grease on the contact plane of autoclave body and cover flange tooth.
4. Put 10-30mm block of quicklime in plates, and place into the autoclave body (Note: Never make quicklime and metal wall contact). Quicklime weight is calculated 5-8kg per cubic meter of the reactor volume.
5. Shut down all the autoclave doors, pipes and valves for maintenance. Meanwhile keep the surrounding environment dry.
6. Conduct periodic inspection (eg: every three months), if quicklime break into powder then replace immediately. When autoclave is enabled again, quicklime and plate should be removed.
7. All the transmission parts and exposed bolts and nuts should coat with butter
8. Anti-corrosion paint on exposed surfaces should keep intact, timely paint touch-ups when found fall off or scrap.
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