Natural gas fired boiler auxiliary list

For a long time, coal fired boiler took a primary role in supplying heat and power in various fields of production and life in society. But its high consumption, high pollutant emission, and low efficiency made it no longer adapt to the country development. Clean and energy saving gas fired boiler is a new choice for heat solutions.
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In the process of purchasing a new boiler, expect for boiler body, the boiler auxiliaries are also essential in its operating. Here are the main natural gas fired boiler auxiliary list: safety accessory, security instruments, drum, furnace, air preheater, etc. Now we are going to have a brief understanding to each part.
Natural gas fired boiler auxiliary and its effect
1. Boiler drum: it is a closure heating surfaces, to link each surface together and form the water circulation recycle with water wall tubes, downcomers and other components. Water is stored inside the drum to adapt to load changes, at the same time, it sets steam-water separation device inside the gas fired drum to ensure steam quality.
2. Boiler furnace: Gas-fired boiler furnace is used to ensure that the fuel burn-up and make the outlet flue gas temperature cooled to a temperature value that  convection heating surface can work safely.
3. Safety accessories: its safety accessories include safety valve, explosion-proof doors, security seal, high and low water level control alarms. The main role of the boiler safety valve is to prevent the pipeline or equipment medium pressure  from exceeding the predetermined value.
4. Security instruments: include flow meter, pressure gauges, thermometers, remote control instruments, water gauge and protection devices. Pressure gauge is to measure actual pressure size inside the boiler, the role of water gauge is to indicate the water level inside the natural gas boiler.
5. Air preheater: it is used to heat the air, in order to strengthen the ignition and combustion, absorb the flue gas waste heat, reduce exhaust gas temperature, it is one of the most important auxiliaries to improve gas fired boiler efficiency.
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