Precautions For Autoclave Safety Operation

Autoclave as a large pressure vessel is widely used in many industries and enterprises. However, an industrial autoclave can also be dangerous with a risk of explosion. Correct use and proper maintenance are crucial during its operation. Precautions for autoclave safety operation are given in order to avoid and lower the accidents and cost.autoclave safety opeation
No over-temperature over-pressure operation
As a large volume autoclave with saturated steam under certain pressure as the working medium, its pressure and other technical parameters are determined, therefore, blindly increase the working pressure that autoclave used is very dangerous.
No autoclave cylinder produces mechanical damage
The thickness of autoclave cylinder wall is to withstand the certain work pressure, but when it is badly damaged to a degree and can no longer bear any work pressure, explosion will occur.
Keeping the autoclave bottom dry and clean
Autoclave bottom should be kept clean and dry. The autoclave medium is saturated steam with under a certain pressure, condensate water it produced will cause autoclave corrosion. What’s worse, the condensate water within the autoclave is easy to make a temperature difference, so that the pressure vessel walls have a tremendous stress.
Autoclave body insulation must meet the requirements
To avoid temperature loss and corrosion, after autoclave installation is completed, its outside wall must use thermal insulation materials for heat insulation.
Regular inspections, timely maintenance
Since the autoclave working conditions during operation is very bad, many unexpected situations might happen, so regular inspections and timely maintenance is very necessary, and this can also save much maintenance cost.
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