Shipping Ceremony of Ali $3 million Boilers Project

At 14:00 of May 24, 2020 three sets of 25 ton chain grate boilers were ready loaded onto the cargoes bound for Ali, Tibet. To mark the event, a shipping ceremony was held to celebrate the $3 million project. President, Vice-president, General Manager, Senior Operation Director and other involved personnel presented the ceremony.

Since the contract was signed in March 2020the involved departments R&D department, production department, inspection department and project department fully coordinated, finally successfully completed the design, test, manufacture, quality inspection within only 60 days!

In the ceremony site, delivery vehicles arranged in order from left to right, the three boilers with new exterior design of silver furnace and orange LOGO, were particularly captivating. The three sets of 25 ton chain grate boilers were shipping to project site after the ceremony was over. At the same time, project engineer will arrive at the Ali site and he is responsible for the coming installation stage.

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