SHW Reciprocating Grate Boiler

Brief introduction:

Cooperated with HIT, ZBG designed the SHW series reciprocating grate coal fired boiler. A 1 ton/0.7MW boiler can supply heat for over 12,000 square meter floor area. It is a high efficient and energy saving boiler type, now widely applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, metallurgical machinery, mining and many other fields and industries.


Capacity : 10-75 t/7-52.5 MW

Pressure ≤2.5MPa

Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal

Industrial Steam and Hot Water Supply

Adopt water-cooled furnace and water-cooled arch structure

Arrange heating surface and water cooled support structure reasonably within the limited furnace space. The three dimensional structure or four dimensional structure makes sure a reasonable radiation heat transfer efficiency. In addition, the reliable front and rear water cooled arch supporting structure ensures the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

Can burn low calorific value fuel

The boiler is especially designed for middle or low calorific value fuels, such as bituminous coal, lignite coal. In order to reach the ideal boiler operation, it is designed with a relative wider cross-sectional dimension of grate.

Low breakdown rate

Advanced boiler grate design reduce the air leak efficiently, so the grate can operate stably and the combustion efficiency is grate improved, better grate effects, low breakdown rate, the service life is extended.

Low energy cost, low environment pollution

Optimization of air structure keeps the fully combustion of fuel in furnace, low energy cost, low environment pollution.

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