Small Capacity Firetube Boiler Advantages

We know the boiler has two main categories: firetube boiler and watertube boiler. Both the two types of boilers have their own advantages and disadvantages. In general, a fire tube boiler has a smaller capacity range than water tube boiler. And factories prefer a fire tube one when their needs for boilers are below 10 tons. Here are fire tube boilers’ overwhelming advantages.

gas oil fire tube boiler

Small capacity firetube boiler advantages

1.From a maintenance standpoint, firetube boilers are typically have lower operating costs comparable to a similarly sized watertube boiler.

2.Firetube boilers have easy access to the boiler’s firesides and tubes can easily be replaced without additional repair of the boiler.

3.Although firetube boilers are smaller in design, they have a larger water volume than similar size watertube boilers, causing them to take longer to bring up to operating temperature from a cold start.

4.Once a firetube boiler is started up and is operating at its desired pressure, a firetube boiler can handle a sudden upward load surge better than a watertube boiler because of the large steam disengaging area.

1 ton ~ 20 ton fire tube boiler manufacturer

Fire tube boilers have their own specific advantages in relatively small-scale factories, like garment factory, food processing, hotel, bath center, schools, etc. We provide the fire tube boilers burning natural gas, light oil, diesel oil, bituminous coal, wood biomass, bagasse, straws, usually ranging from 1 ton to 20 ton.

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