Solid Fuel Boilers Manufacturer in China

As a single-source boiler supplier in China specializing in industrial boilers, ZG Boiler can sell, install, commission and service any type of industrial boilers, including gas, oil, coal, biomass firing boilers. In recent years, the solid fuel boiler system is increasing in the market to offer cost-effective boiler solutions. We’re experts in designing and offering solid fuel boilers for steam generation to maximize your economic benefits and save big money for you!

Advantage of solid fuel boilers

Solid fuel boilers include coal, biomass fired, wood fired and other biomass waste fired systems. With wide capacities ranging from 2 ton/hr to 280 ton/hr, the solid fuel boilers from ZG Boiler can be designed to burn multiple fuels. The solid fuel is flexible, including:

• Rice husk

• Bark

• Sludge

• Biomass pellet

• Sawdust

• Coal

• Biomass

• Bagasse

• Agricultural waste

• Forest waste

• Wood

• Straws

• Palm Kernel Shells/PKS

Solid fired boiler body and auxiliaries

Expect boiler body, its auxiliary components are also very essential. The quality of solid fuel auxiliaries can affect its efficiency, so the deciding of boiler components are important. ZG Boiler provides the following components:

• Deaerators

• Fuel Conveyors

• Forced Draft Fans

• Ash Handling Conveyors

• Induced Draft Fans

• Automated Control Systems

• Fuel Metering Systems

• Ash Reinjection Systems

• Exhaust Breeching & Stacks

• Emissions Control & Monitoring

• Fire Doors & Grates

• Soot Blower Systems

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