Steam Boiler For Industrial & Process Applications

gas and oil fired boiler
In industrial and process situations, steam is often generated using water boilers that are heated to create steam under controlled conditions. The energy generated is then transferred and used in many different ways. Steam is used as a heat transfer medium in several industries including food, paper, process, chemical manufacture, steel & iron industry, etc.
Steam boilers for industry and process applications have many different types based on shapes, sizes, types, layout, usage, and pressure.
Generally, steam boilers are classified as fire tube boiler and water tube boiler.
Steam boilers can be classified depending on type of circulation used to generate steam as
Natural circulation boiler
Forced circulation boilers
Super critical pressure boilers/ zero circulation boilers
Depending on type of firing adopted in boilers they can be classified as
Stoker fired
Pulverized coal fired
Fluidized bed boilers
Cyclone fired
Chemical recovery boilers
Fluidized boilers are going through fast development and can be now sub classified as
Bubbling fluidized bed boilers
Pressurized fluidized bed boilers
Circulating fluidized bed boilers.
Boilers can be classified based on the type of fuel used as
Coal fired boilers
Biomass fired boilers
Oil fired boilers
Gas fired boilers
Multi-fuel fired
Industrial waste heat boilers
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