Steam Boiler for Rice Mill

Steam boiler plays an important role in rice mills. High pressure high temperature steam is extensively needed throughout the whole rice producing. We offer steam boilers for rice mill. Clean rice husk biomass steam boilers are good solutions.

Rice husk steam boiler in rice mill

Rice husk is the outmost layer of the paddy grain that is separated from the rice grains during the milling process. In a rice mill, millions tons of rice husk is produced annually; but for a long time, most rice mills deal with the rice hull by sending them to the landfill or burn it in the open field causing great source waste and pollution.
rice husk steam boiler for rice mill
As more attentions are drawn on developing green and renewable fuel, the biomass fuel like rice husk gets attention. The rice husk has great potential in using as fuel to pay back the rice mill itself. Often a rice husk boiler in the mill is chain grate type boiler, packaged or assembled boiler that is easy to transport and install. Also the biomass steam boiler can co-fire rice husk and coal fuel, reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Biomass steam boiler in plant processing

In fact, there are many industries that can use the by-product waste in their processing or manufacturing. For example, rice mills use rice husk firing boiler; sugar plants use bagasse biomass boiler; wood processing factories use wood pellet and sawdust boilers; and other plants that can use coconut shell, palm kernel shell, straw, olive pits, …

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