Steam Boiler Suppliers for Dairy Industry

Steam is extensively used in dairies in many ways, for example, in the heat treatment of dairy products or in dairy processing. The steam is usually produced in centralized boiler house. The different dairy processes like powder, cheese, liquid milk-pasteurized/UHT, butter desire different steam pressure. High steam pressures require a proper designed boiler. We recommend the clean gas fired steam boiler in dairy industry.

Natural gas fired steam boiler in dairy processing

In dairy plant, clean, quality and high pressure steam is largely demanded. While, a high steam pressure boiler produces higher flue gas temperature, and hence result in higher heat losses. So a boiler installed with heat recovery system or economizer is strongly recommended. Our SZS series bi-drum gas steam boiler adopts D type layout, compact structure, small occupation area; in the end part of the boiler, flue gas condensing recovery system is installed to effectively control the exhaust gas temperature and improve thermal efficiency and waste heat recovery system is also equipped to reduce heat losses.
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Heat recovery in dairy plant boiler for cost saving

It is reported that boiler flue gas temperatures tend increase as the boiler load is increased. A higher temperature of the exhaust fumes means a higher dry gas heat loss. The heat in the flue gases can be recovery by the heat recovery system inserted before the chimney. A heat exchanger cools the exhaust fume gases and usually the recovered heat is applied to boiler feedwater and a special additional heat exchanger can use the energy of condensation in gas fired boilers. The water tube gas steam boiler has less heat loss, in some degree, it improves thermal efficiency resulting in less fuel cost in processing.
We provide cost-efficient steam boiler to dairy plants and the high steam quality gas fired boiler helps them more eco-friendly by reducing less pollution. Expect the dairy plant, we also provide boilers to some of the important applications such as textiles, rubber industries, cafeterias, electroplating processes, food processing, automobile components and pharmaceutical industries. If you need a new boiler for project, contact us to get a customer-made program!
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