Steam Boilers Marched into APEC Countries

ZBG has sold industrial boilers to many APEC countries like Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Peru, Vietnam, India, China, etc. Those boiler has different types. Mr. Liu specializes in boiler after sales service in APEC countries. He has been in charge of 3 projects in India, Indonesia, South Korea, etc.

In 2011, ZBG company exported a set of 35 ton circulating fluided bed boiler to India. And Mr. Liu directed on install site.

35 ton circulating fluided bed boiler exported to India

In 2014, ZBG company exported a set of 6 ton biomass fired boiler to Indonesia. And Mr. Liu also arrived on the project site to deal with questions in details.

6 ton biomass fired boiler to Indonesia

In 2016, ZBG company exported a set of ZG-30/5.29-T biomass fired corner tube boiler to Pyongtaek, South Korea. It will drive the steam turbine to generate power. Mr. Liu also visited boiler project site, to help them solve install problems. And this boiler will start trial operation in Dec, 2016.

30 ton biomass fired corner tube boiler in South Korea

ZBG company in China, focused on APEC affairs, marched into APEC countries to sell high quality and advanced technology boilers. Thanks to APEC, industrial boilers in ZBG can be more easily exported with just one set of common standards across all economies. APEC’s initiatives to synchronize regulatory systems is a key step to integrating the Asia-Pacific economy. Our company foreign trade with APEC clients will avoid some red tapes in customs, and Members facilitate this trade through faster customs procedures at borders; more favorable business climates behind the border; and aligning regulations and standards across the region.

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