Three Combustion Ways of Solid Fuel Boiler

Solid fuel boilers which can burn biomass fuel are cheaper alternatives to oil and gas fired boilers. And technology has brought solid fuel boilers a long way in recent years, to take advantage of the benefits of a solid fuel boiler, there are three combustion ways of solid fuel boilers to select, that is, chain grate combustion, suspension combustion, and circulating fluidized bed combustion.
chain grate boiler
Chain grate combustion
Chain grate combustion belonging to layer combustion refers to the solid fuels put on grate stoker and process layer combustion. A layer combustion boiler usually adopts chain grate or reciprocating grate. The solid fuel boilers are usually 2 ton to 35 ton chain grate boilers, and they can burn biomass fuels with high moisture content up to 60%~70%.
Suspension combustion
Solid fuel boiler suspension combustion can totally resolve the problem of black smoke while burning. We can use high pressure draught fan to blow the tiny and dry solid fuel into the boiler furnace through pipes, then the fuel will be burnt in a way of suspension combustion that is high efficient up to 98%.
CFB Boiler
Circulating fluidized bed combustion
Circulating fluidized bed combustion, also known as CFBC, is a combustion way clean combustion and high combustion efficiency. Fine particles of partly burned biomass, ash and bed material are carried along with the flue gases to the upper areas of the biomass fired CFB Boiler furnace and then into a cyclone. In the cyclone the heavier particles separate from the gas and falls to the hopper of the cyclone. This returns to the furnace for recirculation.
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